Quality Policy
InAsia Consulting Services is committed to meeting the needs &
expectations of its clients regarding quality, cost and delivery.
InAsia Consulting Services commitment to QUALITY is amplified through pursuit of:
• High-Performance Teamwork
• Rewards & Advancement For InAsia Associates & Partners
• Associate Development Via Continuous Training & Education
• Establishment of Trust & Respect between InAsia, Its Clients & Its Supply Base
• Continuous Quality Improvement via Six Sigma Methodologies
InAsia Consulting Services realizes that, in order to achieve business success, our
outsourcing & other quality services demand close attention to the maintenance of
quality requirements.
At InAsia Consulting Services, we strive to understand, communicate & enforce
crucial customer requirements & expectations throughout our projects’ lifecycles.
InAsia Consulting Services measures its progress towards meeting business QUALITY
objectives via the following metrics:
• Quality Performance (InAsia, Supplier, Client)
• Rapid Response Time (inquiries, corrective action)
• On-Time Delivery (quotations & product)
• Costs-to-Targets
• Measurement Process Integrity (calibration, GR&R, etc.)
• Mfg Process Capabilities (Cp, Cpk) & Performance Levels (cycle time; capacity)
• Cost of Poor Quality
• Client Complaints & Resolutions
• Client Satisfaction Surveys
• Internal (InAsia) & Supplier Quality Management System Audits
• Commitment Versus Delivery Score (quotations, samples, contract execution, etc.)