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InAsia Consulting Services Operations Support for Chinese Manufacturers

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InAsia Consulting Services provides operational support (technical & communications assistance) to Chinese manufacturers.  We can act as a supporting agent for your company & interface on your behalf directly with your foreign customers to ensure business proceeds towards a mutually successful conclusion.  We can help ensure that both your & your customers’ requirements are clearly understood & implemented. 

InAsia Consulting Services also provides Chinese technical translation services related to documents you might receive from your customers in English.  In addition, we can provide technical assistance in helping you understanding completely the content of customer documents, emails, letters, drawings, specifications & other written forms of communication. 

InAsia Consulting Services can locate & provide your company with industrial specifications & standards (international & country-specific) that may be required to satisfy customer requirements.  We can also assist you with understanding of subject specifications/standards information. 

InAsia Consulting Services can provide your company with excellent quality engineering assistance to ensure your manufacturing processes & associated documentation (including measurement capabilities, manufacturing process control plans, special studies &/or tests, etc.) fully meet customer requirements. 

InAsia Consulting Services can also provide customized training programs for your associates in a large assortment of quality tools & programs to ensure associate growth & continuous improvement in your operations.     

Contact to determine how InAsia Consulting Services can assist you today.

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